Music launch of Sri Gayaatri Films launched the music of its upcoming Marathi film ‘Bole India Jai Bhim’ in Mumbai  along with the cast and crew of the movie. The movie is a biopic which portrays the life and works of Hardas Laxmanrao Nagrale popularly known as Babu Hardas. He was an ardent follower of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar and a Dalit Social Reformer. His life was full of events as he tried very hard to create social awareness and bring a change in the society for his brethren. He expired at an young age of 35 years and had a small but an illustrious life.

At the age of 17, Babu Hardas had started a weekly newspaper from Nagpur to spread social awareness amongst Dalits. He also formed a voluntary corps group to organize the youth. He opened a Mahila Aashram to impart training to women so that they may earn their livelihood. He also presided over various cooperatives. Babu Hardas was a strong opponent of irrational and superstitious customs of the society. He strongly opposed to the sub-caste barriers amongst the depressed classes. He arranged community dinners and invited to all people of depressed classes divided in various sub-castes. He was against idol worship and was a strong advocate of education to thee oppressed casts. He started various night schools and libraries for the same. He also penned a book to utilize his prolific writing skills to create awareness against the evils in the society. Apart from that he wrote a play, some songs and regularly contributed to ‘Weekly Janta’ a newspaper edited by Dr Ambedkar himself. He also was the chairman of a political party working towards the upliftment of the Dalits. All these activities followed by an untimely demise, left significant impact on the depressed classes. The commonly used greeting phrase ‘Jai Bhim’ was coined by this son of soil and lion of Vidarbha.

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The movie stars Shyam Bhimsaria as Dr. Ambedkar, Amol Chiwhane as Babu Hardas, Sukanya Kulkarni, Vijay Gite, Nataliya Kozhenova and Sarnath Ramteke. The movie’s story, lyrics and direction is by Subodh Nagdeve. The music is by Dinesh Arjuna; who has given music for more than 15 albums and films and also sung one Ghazal in the film. The soulful singer Javed Ali has lent his voice for one Sufi track in the film. The other singers are Ram Shankar and Bela Shende. The music of the film which comprises of 4 tracks has been taken over by Zee Music.

Speaking on the occasion Producer Jeetendra Doshi of Sri Gayaatri films said; “I loved the concept of the film right from the day the director came for a narration to us. I was always respectful of the work done by Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar and Babu Hardas for our country. I really did not want to miss an opportunity to showcase the same through cinema. This year also marks the 125th Birth Anniversary of Dr. Ambedkar.” Producer and partner Dhananjay Galani said; “The movie will release on 7th October in the Dusshera week and also in the week of the Dhamma Chakra Pravartan Din  – the memorial day when Babasaheb converted to Buddhism in Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur.

Anil Nagrath ji, writer-director   Shakeel S Saifee, artiste Sareen Khan, Sharma ji of Samay Bhaskar were also present in this event.

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