Shaheed Chandrasekhar Azaad movie – shaheedon ke chitaon par lagenge har baras mele watan par mitne waalon ka yahi baaki nishan hoga – a salute to my real heroes of great Bharat – Rajesh Mittal

On this auspicious day of 26th Jan and being a patriotic citizen of India and a die hard fan of all our freedom fighters I wish everyone happy republic day.

On this auspicious day I would like to take privilege to announce the release date of movie Shaheed Chandrasekhar Azaad movie – it’s releasing on 11th August 2017 and am very proud to announce the release date .

50 percent of movie shoot is completed in different parts of up  ( Allahabad , kanpur , Lucknow, jhansi, meerut ) , this movie is directed produced and written by Mr Rajesh Mittal who worked for 10 long years on scripting d movie .

Mr Rajesh Mittal believes on d day of 15 th August and 26 th Jan at least one movie in d name of our country and freedom fighters should be released this is his thought for future and this can only happen if 130 crore of Indians nod their head in respect of India .

We are making this movie not for money it’s a a way of showing my respect towards our freedom fighters and thanks a lot to viewers who are sending their love watching our videos looking for us and liking this project , we are really thankful to everyone who are supporting us and it’s a request and appeal to everyone plz watch our videos support us watch us not for me but for our real freedom fighters who died for us ,if u want more and more movies to be made on freedom fighters encourage us watch our videos connect with us on Facebook Twitter and plz share ur comments . Thanks


Jai hind jai bharat

Chandrasekhar Azaad (@Chandra24851785)

A movie is made on d life of shaheed Chandrasekhar azaad which is releasing all India 11th August 2017

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