90 per cent NSD actors feature in film – The Dream Job

Hindi feature film ‘The Dream Job’Highlighting the inner reality of banking sector to release on August 11

Today every young individual wants to become a big officer in a government office, corporate sector or banking and finance. These days it is not easy to get a government job soon thus the youth wants to make it big by getting a job in a corporate firm or banking and finance sector. He or she puts in all their efforts to achieve the same and succeeds to achieve the limelight.But what happens after the individual attains greater heights; especially in banking and financial sector is revealed in the upcoming Hindi feature film ‘The Dream Job.Jointly produced by Vinod  Adaskar, Santosh Patil, B V Chopde, S. Gore and Mukesh Mishra under the banner of Real Reels Productions, the film is written and directed by Mukesh Mishra.The film certified by the censors with an U/A certificate will be released worldwide by Rich Juniors Entertainments helmed by its managing director Vinod Nischal on August 11,2017.

Writer-director Mukesh Mishra to his credit has directed many serials, documentary, ad commercials, short films.  He makes his Hindi film debut with ‘The Dream Job.  Interestingly, Mukesh Mishra has also worked in banking sector too. Speaking about the film, Mukesh Mishra says, “Today the younger generation feels that to get a job in banking sector is a bed of roses. But they learn the reality only after joining.” He further adds, “Perhaps this is the first film which delves into the harsh reality of banking sector.” Mishra reveals that 90 per cent of the actors are from NSD and the film has been entirely shot in Pune. “Before the shooting the actors were made to go to the bank for a month and look at the activities and the working of a bank, the interaction with various customers, including talking with the head of departments and bank manager too,” says Mishra. “The film reveals the good and the minus points and after watching the film one will understand the tough reality of this sector,” quips Mukesh Mishra.

The film is based on a story and dialogue by Mukesh Mishra. Others in the credits include screenplay by Mukesh Mishra, Shakeb Ahmed, Ravi Bhushan Kumar, cinematography by Madhu S. Rao, editing by Sagar Vanjari, lyrics by Mukesh Mishra, Kashi – Richard, Vishal Mishra, Runak Runwal & Aditya Vermani.The film features Zuber K Khan, Prasad Shikhare, Sadhvi Bhatt, Ritambhra Shrotriya, Vikas Shrivastav, Durgesh Kumar, Nand Pant, Sajjid Khan, Surjit Singh Rajput etc.The film has seven songs which has been rendered by big singers like Mika Singh, Javed Ali, Mamta Sharma, ManojTiwari and others. The film is being released all over on 11th August 2017.

———–Sanjay Sharma Raj(P.R.O.)

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