The Dream Job – To Release On 11 August 2017

Dream job is a film based on banking industry. A confident director Mukesh Mishra hopes that the lakhs of people working in the banking sector of our country would be able to relate to the story of the film.

He also revealed that the youth is quite attracted towards jobs offered at the bank giving the attractive salary packages but like any other industry, this field too has its own internal issues that at times tests the employees of this sector in and out. While some adopt to the surroundings of this job, others suffer to survive with their job.

The film is based on the various struggles that are faced by the employees of a bank in the banking industry.

Under the Real Reel Productions banner, ‘

The Dream Job’ is all set to release on 11th August 2017 all over India. Director of the film Mukesh Mishra informed that the Censor Board issued a U/A Certificate to the film without demanding for any cuts. The producers of the film are Vinod Adaskar, Santosh Patil, B. V. Chopra, S. Gaur and the director Mukesh Mishra himself.

The cast of ‘The Dream Job’ includes talented and experienced actors like Zuber K. Khan, Prasad Shinde, Sadhvi Bhatt, Rithambara Shotriya and Vikas Shrivastav.

Director Mukesh Mishra has also informed that singers like Mika Singh, Mamta Sharma, Neeti Mohan, Nakash Aziz, Aishwarya Nigam, Vishal Mishra, Javed Ali and even Manoj Tiwari have voiced the songs for music directors Kashi – Richard and Vishal Mishra  —————Ashish PRO

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