Phir Aaya Satte Pe Satta Movie Review

Review By Kewal Kumar



CAST : kumar rajesh , sanaya singh, aniruddh Sharma, omkar das manikpuri, biswajeet chatterjee, rana jung bahadur and  rishabh raj

DIRECTION  : rajesh mittal

Distribution : mittal advertising and distribution

GENRE : romantic / thriller

DURATION : 2 hours 13 minutes

Story – in the valleys of nainital dev Malhotra lives with his six brothers lalya, peelya, kalya,dhuriya,harya and bhurya . They are  uneducated and illiterate , dev falls in love with puja who is a widow and convinces her to marry him without listening her past life story, puja lives happily  with dev, she educates and civilizes devs six brothers , one day his past husband whom she loved the most suddenly comes Infront of him , now whether she lives with dev or Dr virendra kundra is the  twist of entire movie .six brothers fall in love with six girls , songs, action, fight, drama, comedy , suspense all in one .

Review : this movie is a must watch for all bollywood lovers who loves cinemas of 70s, it has very good music, movie contains all elements required in a movie to be a complete entertainment , action, comedy , romance , drama, music . udit narayan , asha bhonsle , nitin mukesh they again proved with their melodious voice that old is gold , those who still love movies of 70s must watch this movie

The main catch of this movie is nattha ( omkar das manikpuri ) whom everyone remembers as nattha from peepli live movie of aamir khan productions, for the first time he is doing comedy and he looks brilliant ,

five solid reasons to watch phir aaya satte Pe satta

People who still love movies of 70s will love this movie , it has action drama comedy romance suspense Everything , it’s a full entertainment masala movie .

This movie is not for those who prefer watching Hollywood movies , to watch this movie leave ur brain at home come with open mind enjoy with ur family and friends and go home .

Nattha whom u must have seen in peepli live of aamir khan movie is for the first time doing comedy in this movie and he is brilliant in his act,

Old is gold – udit narayan , asha bhonsle, Nitin Mukesh with their melodious voice again proved they are still the best, songs of this movie not only touches heart but makes a very good space in heart as well

Music of this movie is given by vakil Babu who was a creative assistant of Rajesh Roshan for movie Karan arjun




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