Trailer Launch Of  HASEENA   

The Trailer  of    Harsh Dream Ventures and  Khushi Films’ HASEENA  will be launched on 22nd August . The post-production work of the film is almost completed at Trisha Studios. .  The film is all set for an early release. The film is produced by Jeetendra B. Vaghadia and Vicky Ranawat and is directed by Vicky Ranawat. Co-producers: Saral Ranawat ,Chetan B. Vaghadia.   Cast:  Mohit Arora, Ankur Verma, Arpit Soni, Inayat Sharma( as Haseena), newfind Khyati Sharma, Garima Agarwal, Moushumi Malik, Gopal Chauhan, Mushtaq Khan, Anita Rawat, Manjeet Singh Bittoo(Bunty) and Master Sujal .  Writer-lyricist: Rishi Aazad..DoP: B.N. Mishra. Lyrics- Music:Shahid Bawa (U.K.), Vishnu Narayan,D.Harmony. Dances: Lollypop,Ricky Gupta. Editors: Kukku Sharma,Vinayak Solanki.  E.P.: Vinod Kumar Moolchandani. Production Manager: Meher Sethi.

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