Vinay Anand and Krushna Abhishek Features in Ganpati Song “Deva Ganpati Hamare Ghar Aa Jao” 

Ganpati bappa Moriya, – started echoing across Indiaon Friday as Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations commenced on August 25. The 10-day long festival is celebrated each year with grandeur and enthusiasm and has been depicted with equal fervor on the reel too. The traditions vary from state to state, what remains unchanged is the Ganpati dance, which is mostly about breaking into an impromptu jig.

And Bollywood has always had the knack of adding more zing to this festival – there’s a song for every occasion. One may find many songs in the Hindi films that have been dedicated to the god of wisdom and learning, Lord Ganesh. Bollywood actor and singer Vinay Anand back in bang with his Ganpati Song “Deva Ganpati Hamare Ghar Aa Jao” staring Vinay Anand himself and his brother comedian Krushna Abhishek. The Song shot in Madh Island which is directed by Naveen VK, produced by Vinay Anand , Ravi Sikander Anand and Choregraphed by Jyoti Anand. The beautiful devotional song released by Flying Horses Music Entertainment.—- Pigeon Media (PR)

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