POLICE DIDI programme in Our Lady school, Saki Naka.

A special drive was organised in ‘Our Lady School’, a Marathi medium school situated at Mohali Pipeline, Sakinaka. This was a POLICE DIDI programme were children were explained about good touch and bad touch, which means good positive touch and bad negative touch of various human beings, also they were informed about drug abuse etc. They also interacted with their parents.Most of the victims of child molestation are molested by near and dear ones. So whenever they feel uncomfortable with such touch they must talk to parents or teachers immediately.

Also they were informed about helmet use and its importance. They must compel their parents to use helmet. This event was organised in view of Delhi Incident as it was very essential, POLICE DIDI is being doing this programme since one and half year.

———–Reported by K Ravi

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