Parth Films’s “KRINA” fights the existence of tribals and their assimilation

Parth Films International Producer Harvind Singh Chauhan’s Hindi film “KRINA” is an experimental film depictor the lives of tribals and their social and organizational structure. The basic structure of the story is fictional and is just a mirror of his life style. Shyamal K. Mishra is the director of this interesting and critical film .This film is a compilation of melodious music. In it, ” mera dil bole … Ole .. Ole .. of  ” Music composer Dilip Sen has given the music in this film.

There are three songs,in film main characters – Parth Singh Chauhan (budding), Tanisha Sharma, Inder Kumar, ( he is no longer between us) Deepshikha, Sudesh Barry, Shahbaz Khan, Sudha Chandan etc. “KRINA”  “is the story of a young teenager , who takes up arms against a tyrannical abuser and torture in the tribal system. This campaign involves many teenagers and .  The film has been made by high tech technology. The post production of this movie has been completed, the film will be screened all over the India very soon time.

—————–Akhilesh Singh (PRO)

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