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I Have More to Offer to a Female Character than Just Glamorising Her Body: Deepak Saraswat 

As world is seeing the technological improvement in modern time, stereotypes against women hasn’t been changed. On an occasion related to such issues, filmmaker and Director Deepak Saraswat put forth his views on changing lifestyle of modern women.  We have entered in 21st century and even till this time; women in our society haven’t been […]


Demonetization is the heated debate among the Indians these days and celebs are no more exception. Taking a dig on it, the established filmmaker,  Director Deepak  Saraswat expressed his views on it. He said, “Demonetization is indeed a difficult step but in long term it is going to help fight the corruption. It is high […]

We need justice not controversy  on the “TAJ MAHAL” based film – Director Deepak Saraswat

  The Taj mahal which is known as the world’s biggest Wonder, often has been a source of attraction for the foreigners and tourist, but very few people know that Taj Mahal is not a tomb of a  Mughal empress/queen but a Hindu temple of lord Shiva- This is what the writer and director Deepak […]

ताज महल पर विवादित फिल्म बना रहे है – निर्देशक दीपक सारस्वत !

ताज महल जिसे विश्व का सबसे बड़ा अजूबा कहा जाता है, अक्सर लंबे समय से  विदेशीयों और पर्यटको का आकर्षण केंद्र रहा है पर ये बात बहुत कम लोग जानते है, की ताज महल कोई मुग़ल बेगम का मकबरा नहीं वल्कि एक हिन्दू शिव मंदिर था. ये बात कह रहे है अक्सर विवादों में रहने […]

ISHQIYAPANTI – A ‘Lover Vs Parents’ Relationship A FILM By Deepak Saraswat

This film is based on lover vs parents relationship. It Is A Festival Film,  Written  and Directed by  Deepak Saraswat.  Produced by Avinash Dubey & Aditya Kumar Mishra.   It is debut film of  Babu Apte as a comman man who falls in  love and lost his money and family later on. Film is presented […]